Temple Of The Dog 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe
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Temple Of The Dog 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe

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Temple Of The Dog 25th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition

· 4 Discs: 2CDs, 1 DVD and 1 Blu-ray Audio · 51 total tracks - counting all audio and video – 48 of which are unreleased tracks and/or mixes

 Item #: FXCDSOG69387
CD 1:
· Original album newly mixed in 192/24 stereo by Brendan O’Brien
· Plus 3 Alternate Mixes newly mixed from multi-tracks by Adam Kasper – “Say Hello 2 Heaven,” “Wooden Jesus” and “All Night Thing”

CD 2:
· 7 demos - 5 unreleased including 2 songs that didn’t make final album sessions: “Angel of Fire” and “Black Cat”
· 5 Studio Outtakes newly mixed from multi-tracks by Adam Kasper – “Say Hello 2 Heaven,” “Reach Down,” “Pushin Forward Back,” “Wooden Jesus” and “All Night Thing”

Disc 3 (DVD):
· 11/13/90: Off Ramp Cafe video shot by Badmotorfinger producer, Terry Date (previously unseen/unreleased) – “Hunger Strike,” “Wooden Jesus,” “Say Hello 2 Heaven,” “Reach Down,” “Call Me A Dog” and “Times of Trouble”
· 12/90: “Say Hello 2 Heaven” originally shot on film and newly transferred to HD (newly edited and never before seen in its entirety)
· 9/8/92: Lollapalooza, Phoenix “Hunger Strike” surprise performance
· Official “Hunger Strike” music video
· 9/11 PJ20 Alpine Valley fan shot and edited videos including:
· 9/3/11: “Say Hello 2 Heaven”
· 9/4/11: “Hunger Strike,” “Call Me A Dog,” “All Night Thing” and “Reach Down”
· All HD quality; includes Pearl Jam’s stereo mix from the live multi-tracks from this event plus HD pit footage from the Pearl Jam archives
· 1/15: “Call Me A Dog” and “Reach Down” from Madseason’s 2015 Benaroya Hall concert (newly edited and never-before-seen)

Disc 4 (Blu-ray Audio):
· Newly mixed 96kHz 24-bit 5.1 Surround mix by Adam Kasper (Superunknown 5.1 mixer)
· 96kHz 24-bit stereo mix by Brendan O’Brien
· Official “Hunger Strike” music video in 5.1
· HD versions of the bonus videos in stereo only

· Magnetic flip top box package includes booklet with liner notes by David Fricke, a lenticular sticker and a poster
· PLUS exclusive 12”x12” litho with each Super Deluxe order
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dobyblue (7/22/2016)
Extra video and audio tracks prevent this release from being a total disaster, but what a huge missed opportunity for so many reasons. 1) Adam Kasper: you're actually touting that this is they guy who did the 5.1 mix of Superuknown? A 5.1 mix that's widely panned as being the worst 5.1 mix ever done? Adam Kasper is not a surround sound mixer. Steven Wilson. Bob Clearmountain. Elliot Scheiner. If you were serious about doing a 5.1 mix you would have got someone who understands surround to do it, like one of these names. 2) Brendan O'Brien remix: so you finally get all the tapes and you're going to REMIX the album? Didn't the fairly sound online panning of O'Brien's work on the Ten Redux not clue anyone in that perhaps we don't want these amazing 90s albums messed around with? This is like Star Wars and Lucas. 3) Remixed digital vinyl? This is the bit that really makes me want to bash my head against the wall. You make all this noise about getting the analog tapes back and then what do you do? Remix the album and digitally remaster it for VINYL...an ANALOG format! You have the original analog stereo master there. Why couldn't you send this off to Chris Bellman, Bernie Grundman, Steve Hoffman, Ryan K. Smith, Kevin Gray, someone who can cut in an all analogue chain! No, instead we get a 24/192 Brendan O'Brien remix, this means he will no doubt implement loudness wars-style mastering. Fans of vinyl don't want records they can't even turn up because they've already been stripped of their dynamics. This is possibly the most infuriating part of this release. The people involved in this release have missed a massive opportunity to deliver the Temple of the Dog original album cut in an all analogue chain with full dynamics intact allowing us to experience the magic in those tapes as close as possible to what was heard in the studio. This is the same mistake made with Superunknown, you had the analog stereo master available and made a loud digital master. Ugh. Have you heard the analog cut of Superunknown that Willem Makkee did back @ 2003? It absolutely trounces the 2014 remaster and the original CD-sourced vinyl from '94. I really hope the excellent video footage being tapped here makes up for the shoddy attention the studio album and the multitracks are being given. This is all the same mistakes that were made with Superunknown. What a massive disappointment. I really hope whomever has made these decisions with Superunknown and Temple of the Dog will NOT be on the team for a possible deluxe release of Badmotorfinger. Get Clearmountain to do a 5.1 mix, get Chris Bellman to cut the vinyl from the stereo analog master, do a deluxe 45rpm edition too while you're at it, but PLEASE stop mistreating these incredible albums.